Exclusive: Toronto Raptors are active in the free agent market

After a so-so performance at the trade deadline, Masai Ujiri and Bobby Webster are still looking to add to the roster through free agency.

The two executives want to make use of the roster spot that they cleared up in an attempt to move Kyle Lowry – and may have tipped their hand as to who they are looking at.

I can say with full confidence that the Toronto Raptors are looking to reunite with the franchise’s only first overall pick… Andrea Bargnani.

Okay I’m not going to do that to you, obviously that’s an April fools joke.

But here is something that’s no joke –

League sources have told me that Vince Carter is set to become the next President of Basketball Operations when Ujiri leaves this summer….

Okay that’s a joke too, but if you thought I wasn’t going to at least half heartedly celebrate April fools day, you’re crazy.

Plus, I felt like I had to get the jokes out of the way first before I hit you with an actual story, because I just got some information that, to me, seems so out of left field I wish it wasn’t true.

The Toronto Raptors are signing Isaiah Thomas

Now, being The Raptors Insider, we do have a few sources up our sleeve.

Someone close with the organization has let us know that the Raptors have engaged in serious talks with Isaiah Thomas, who hasn’t played a game since February 9th, 2020.

It has been rumoured for a while that Thomas is eyeing a return to the NBA, but the last team I expected to sign him were the Raptors.

The move is confusing, in my opinion.

The Toronto Raptors have made it clear: they are a defensive minded team and need size.

So why would they go for an offensive minded guard that lacks the one thing they need… size?!

Yes, Thomas had a great season in Boston that one time.

But he never averaged more than 15 points per game in any season after that, he has a history of getting injured and Toronto is extremely guard heavy.

Is Ujiri truly committing this much to small ball? Does he expect Kyle Lowry, Fred VanVleet and Thomas to all play at the same time?

This move baffles me.

The only thing that makes sense to me is that former Detroit Pistons legend, Isiah Thomas, was the first GM for the franchise. This could be a driving force for the organization to sign Isaiah as they are already somewhat familiar with the name.

But is having the same name as a former GM (who wasn’t even good) a good enough reason to sign a player? I can think of a handful of other free agents that would fit better than Thomas.

Raptors fans, myself included, have preached the genius of Ujiri and “The Wonder Kid” Webster but I am having my doubts about their commitment to the team.

If they are going to tank I wish they would just tell us rather than make it abundantly clear by signing the opposite of what they need.

I may have to take a break from basketball, Raptors fans, if this is what I’m going to have to deal with.

(This is obviously a joke, there’s no way the Raptors are signing a guard. #PleaseGetABig)

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