Greatest Raptor of All-Time Semi-Finals: Loyalty Trumps Talent

Well, if there is anything we learned from the second round of the Greatest Raptor fan vote tournament, it’s that fans value loyalty over talent. Tracy McGrady and Kawhi Leonard both left Toronto the first chance they got and Raptors fans didn’t forget that, choosing Vince Carter over McGrady and DeMar DeRozan over Leonard. But perhaps the biggest upset of the second round was Pascal Siakam’s win over Chris Bosh. The recency bias definitely played a factor, but looking back at all that Siakam has achieved in his time in Toronto thus far, he is not a bad choice to make the final four. Speaking of the final four let’s check out the semi-final matchups below.

Voting for this matchup begins Tuesday, February 9th on our Instagram story.

God-Given Talent vs Hard Work

It’s quite remarkable that Pascal Siakam has made it this far, but what he has accomplished in his time in the league is also quite remarkable. Now Siakam will face one of the favourites to win this tournament, the human highlight reel, Vince Carter. Let me just say that if you are thinking of voting for Siakam in this matchup, or you are too young to remember what Carter’s time in Toronto was like, take a second to watch some of his highlights. Carter has more jaw-dropping highlights from his time in Toronto alone than about 90 percent of players have in their entire careers. Carter put the Raptors’ franchise on the map and his influence on the NBA itself simply can’t be measured.

Vince Carter
“Half Man Half Amazing”
“Air Canada”
Pascal Siakam
“Spicy P”
-All-Star Selections as a Raptor: 5
-4th All-Time in Franchise Points
-Rookie of the Year (1999)
-Slam Dunk Champion (2000)
-All-NBA Second Team (2000-2001)
-Best Single-Season Stats (2000-2001):
27.6 Points, 5.5 Rebounds, 3.9 Assists, 1.5 Steals, 1.1 Blocks
-NBA Champion (2019)
-NBA All-Star (2020)
-All-NBA Second Team (2020)
-NBA Most Improved Player (2019)
-Best Single Season Stats (2019-2020):
22.9 Points, 7.3 Rebounds, 3.5 Assists, 1.0 Steals, 0.9 Blocks
Voting for this matchup begins Wednesday, February 10th on our Instagram story.

Culture Creators

Not only are these two best friends, but they were also a dynamic duo on the floor together. In 2016, DeRozan and Lowry led the Raptors to the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time in franchise history. They even pushed LeBron James and the eventual champion Cleveland Cavaliers squad to six games in that series. Not to mention, the 2019 championship would not be possible without the hard work that both of these guys put in to create a winning culture. Asking Raptor fans to choose between these two players is like asking a parent to choose their favourite child.

Kyle Lowry
“The Bulldog”
“North Philly’s Finest”
DeMar DeRozan
-NBA Champion (2019)
-All-Star Selections as a Raptor: 6
-Franchise All-Time Leader:
3-Pt Field Goals, Assists, Steals, Triple doubles
-2nd All-Time in Franchise Points and Games Played
-Best Single Season Stats (2016-2017):
22.4 Points, 4.8 Rebounds, 7.0 Assists, 1.5 Steals
-All-Star Selections as a Raptor: 4
-Franchise All-Time Leader: Points, Games Played
-3rd All-Time in Franchise Assists and Steals
-All-NBA Second Team (2018)
-Best Single Season Stats (2016-2017):
27.3 Points, 5.2 Rebounds, 3.9 Assists, 1.1 Steals
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