Greatest Raptor of All-Time: Vince Carter or Kyle Lowry?

We started with 16 of the best players in the history of the Toronto Raptors franchise and after a couple of weeks of fan voting it all comes down to this. Highlights of the fan voting results include Pascal Siakam’s upset over Chris Bosh and DeMar DeRozan’s narrow victory (53 percent of votes) over Kawhi Leonard. Luckily the fans got this final matchup right and now it’s time to officially answer the question, who is the greatest Raptor of all-time? Kyle Lowry or Vince Carter? I mean, was there any doubt it was gonna be one of these two? Both of these players’ jerseys will hang in the rafters of Scotiabank Arena someday.

Voting for the final matchup will be held in the comments section of our Instagram post starting Friday, February 12th. The winner will be announced Monday, February 15th.

Vince Carter
“Half Man Half Amazing”
“Air Canada”
Kyle Lowry
“The Bulldog”
“North Philly’s Finest”
-All-Star Selections as a Raptor: 5
-4th All-Time in Franchise Points
-Rookie of the Year (1999)
-Slam Dunk Champion (2000)
-All-NBA Second Team (2000-2001)
-Best Single-Season Stats (2000-2001):
27.6 Points, 5.5 Rebounds, 3.9 Assists, 1.5 Steals, 1.1 Blocks
-NBA Champion (2019)
-All-Star Selections as a Raptor: 6
-Franchise All-Time Leader:
3-Pt Field Goals, Assists, Steals, Triple doubles
-2nd All-Time in Franchise Points and Games Played
-Best Single Season Stats (2016-2017):
22.4 Points, 4.8 Rebounds, 7.0 Assists, 1.5 Steals

Past vs Present


It’s hard to imagine what would have happened if the Raptors didn’t trade Antawn Jamison for Vince Carter on draft night back in 1998. Just three years later in 2001, the Grizzlies were moved from Vancouver to Memphis. Vancouver didn’t have the talent Toronto did and who knows what would have happened to the Raptors if not for Carter. The man put Toronto on the map in the NBA and Carter’s legendary performance in the 2000 Slam Dunk Contest will always be one of the greatest moments in franchise history. To this day I still get goosebumps watching this.

But don’t get it twisted, Carter’s best moments in Toronto weren’t just the highlight plays. Carter led the Raptors to their first-ever playoff appearance in 2000. The year after the Raptors won 47 games and advanced to the Eastern Conference Semifinals during the 2001 NBA playoffs for the first time in franchise history.

Kyle Lowry Over Everything

It wasn’t until 18 years later that the Raptors would make it back to the second round of the playoffs led by Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan. One of the most interesting parts about Lowry’s relationship with the Toronto Raptors is that initially, Lowry didn’t even want to stay in Toronto long term. But Lowry persevered through playing off the bench for Jose Calderon in his first year and put in the work to turn the Raptors into playoff contenders and eventually title contenders. It all came full circle in Game 6 of the 2019 NBA Finals when Lowry seized the moment, dropping 26 points and 10 assists to lead the Raptors to their first championship in franchise history.

Lowry has been the heart and soul of the Raptors since he was traded from Houston to Toronto in 2012. Since then. Lowry has made his way to the top of several all-time franchise stats. As a fan favourite, Toronto fans would love nothing more than to see Lowry retire as a Raptor.

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