Raptor Dad: Eric Flynn’s Greatest Hits

Eric Flynn has been a fairly loud voice in the Raptors community, making fans feel like we have our very own LaVar Ball.

To be fair, Flynn hasn’t been as dramatic as his counterpart… he has yet to proclaim he is better than Michael Jordan.

But Eric Flynn has compared his son to Patrick Mahomes (we’ll get to that) so pretty close, I guess?

I shouldn’t be too hard on Mr.Flynn though – despite maybe one or two emotional outbursts, Papa Flynn has made a name for himself in the Raptors Facebook community, and not just to voice his thoughts about his son’s playing time.

In his short lived career as a Raptor dad, Eric Flynn has been a refreshing part of a rather torn up Raptors fanbase showing his support and love for the fans and country that has taken kindly to his son.

As a sign of respect (and a shameful attempt to get him to respond to me on Facebook), I decided I would highlight some of Eric Flynn’s greatest hits as the father of NBA player, Malachi Flynn.

*For the record*

Eric Flynn won’t accept my friend request on Facebook, so I am not able to link directly to his posts, this will all be third party links, until my new dad acknowledges my existence.

Wholesome Dad

You love to see it, in all of its wholesomeness.

This post is just oozing support, I am unaware of what game he is referring to but I’m willing to bet it was one of the games where Malachi played well, or just played in general.

Even in the losses, he still shows his support, so it’s good to know Malachi has a solid support system behind him.

He even pulled off the classic dad move of transitioning into CAPITAL LETTERS MID POST. RAPTOR NATION.

Angry Dad

This one is a roller coaster.

First and foremost, 99 percent of the time you start a post about your son’s playing time with “I say this not because I’m Malachi Flynn’s dad”, you are going to lose that battle.

And then he goes on to compare his son to a Super Bowl MVP and arguably the face of the NFL, so that was something.

You have to respect the passion though, truthfully. I myself am not looking forward to having kids because I know I will get way too passionate about their little league teams let alone professional.

But what if one day they do become pros? Thanks to my intensity?

Then they would make millions of dollars, credit me for their success and build me a vacation home by the water…

Keep doing what you’re doing Eric, I’m right behind ya.

Short Memory Dad

Drink every time you see “RAPTOR NATION”

Eric Flynn is cool with Nick Nurse now, by the way! In case you were wondering after reading the post directly above this one.

It’s amazing what a couple games in the starting lineup can do for a relationship.

Earlier in the year, as we saw already, Flynn was frustrated with Nurse but his tune has changed. Now the passionate father is using his platform to capitalize random words in defence of Nick Nurse!

His support and positivity is infectious, I’ll give him that.

Raptor Dad

I will end it on this heart warming note.

Eric Flynn, showing his sense of humour, love for our country and an attempt to cover up that it was in fact him who caused the leak at MSG.


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