Raptor of the Week: Is this the OG Anunoby of the Future?

Things could have been better this week but they could have been worse… which is a terrible cliche but it’s true.

Losing to the Knicks 120-103 on Saturday was less than ideal but I will admit that even with Kevin Durant and James Harden out for the Nets on Wednesday, I was surprised to see Toronto pull of the comfortable 114-103 victory.

A little less surprising, was the play from OG Anunoby, who has been on fire on both ends of the court lately – as you can see below via NBA’s twitter feed.

So it seems like OG is finally turning into that Kawhi Leonard 2.0 type of player that Raptors fans have sworn he will become, it’s just taking him a little bit longer than expected.

Okay and obviously, when I say “Kawhi Leonard 2.0” please don’t take that too literally. I am really just saying he is turning into a serviceable second to third scoring option who is awesome at defending.

Offensive Consistency

OG Anunoby is pretty much averaging a career high across the board when it comes to offensive statistics.

But to me, what’s most notable about OG’s offensive game are his shooting percentages – they are incredibly consistent, and that was on full display this week.

Throughout his four year career, Anunoby has never shot below 45 percent from the field, but has never averaged more than eight shots per game until this year, so that begs the question: what happens when OG shoots more?

They Go In

Let’s use this week as an example.

OG attempted a combined 30 shots against the Nets and Knicks this week; he’s only shot that many in a span of two games one other time this year.

Out of those 30, Anunoby made 17 of them, making it a nice 56 percent from the field while shooting 50 percent from the three.

He scored 25 against the Nets and 27 against the Knicks, pretty much just telling us he can score whenever he wants… he just hasn’t felt like it.

To anyone who ever thought OG couldn’t be reliable on offence, his stats will prove you dead wrong.

He’s Also Really Good On D

We already know this so I won’t bore you with many stats, partly because he didn’t have the best defensive showing this week. But, he didn’t have the worst either. Once again, I am sorry for using that cliche, doubly sorry for using it twice.

But let’s give OG a break, he had to guard Julius Randle who all of a sudden decided to become a beast at basketball. He has been tasked to guard pretty much every teams best player all year, regardless of position

To end the article, let’s read this twitter thread which explains why OG is undoubtably a top 5 defender in the NBA.

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