Raptor of the Week: Gary Trent Jr. is making new friends

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I was reluctant to write this article, as I feel any week the Toronto Raptors lose to the Detroit Pistons, no one should deserve “Raptor of The Week” honours – but I guess I can’t just not do something because my feelings are hurt.

So, what better way to welcome a new member of the Raptors to the team than to give him one of the most prestigeous awards a Toronto Raptor could ever receive.

This week’s “Raptor of The Week” is none other than…

Gary Trent Jr.

Although he’s only been with the team for five games, Gary Trent Jr. is already passing some all-time greats in the franchise record books.

All jokes — and his poor first couple performances as a Raptor — aside, the 22-year-old guard has been balling out and impressing Nick Nurse along the way.

Nurse has spoken on Trent Jr.’s offensive potential, saying that when he shoots “It’s almost a shock that it doesn’t go in.”

Dramatic? Yes, but not overly far fetched.

In his last two games, Trent Jr. has shot 12-20 from the three point line which has put him in the fourth spot for top catch and shoot three point percentage at 42 percent.

Don’t forget about the “D”

It’s not all about his offence either, the man is setting franchise records on the defensive end too.


So that’s a pretty cool stat. Not as flashy as scoring 54 points, but it got the fans going… and as a Raptors supporter, we will take anything we can get at this point.

He’s a Star Boy

In conclusion, after this week, it seems like Trent Jr. has the potential to be a key contributor to this Raptors team for many years to come.

He also is a very successful Canadian recording artist.

Although Lucas Nogueira will always be my original “Long Weeknd,” I will not complain if the fanbase decides to start calling him that.

If Toronto can lock this restricted free agent down in the offseason, we may be looking at a future All-Star.

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