Reading The Raptors, Vol. 2 (Jan 25th – Feb 25th)

What Has Their Body Language Told Us?

For those new to the Raptors Insider, four weeks ago I kicked off a monthly blog titled “Reading the Raptors.” I take three photos from the Toronto Raptors Twitter page and apply my knowledge as an amateur body language reader to see if we missed any major signs about incoming Raptors events.

Although I don’t want to, legally I have to mention that my knowledge goes as far as watching a 14-minute video on YouTube, teaching me how to read body language. I would also like to point out that, although I believe I am right 100-percent of the time, these predictions may not always be accurate.

What You SeeWhat It Means
Aron Baynes walking away, staring at the floorObvious signs of feeling dejected and excluded. It is clear he is trying his best to fit in but is just not good enough.
Pascal Siakam closing his eyesPascal has no time for Baynes now that he isn’t starting. His patience has run out.
Fred Van Vleet smilingSmiling at the bond he and Pascal have forged over the course of their careers together. Nothing can come between them, no matter how strong and Australian the new big man is.
High Five!High fives are for starters only.

Okay so if you couldn’t tell, I took some liberties here and will continue to do so. All jokes aside, this photo — regardless of the true backstory — somewhat personifies the Aron Baynes situation we have in Toronto Tampa.

Here we have two of the Raptors fan favourites, yucking it up while the whipping boy walks away with his tail in between his legs. Lately, Pascal and Freddy have done no wrong while Baynes has been demoted to the bench.

This has actually been a good move for the Raptors, as the main issue with Aron Baynes was that he wasn’t posting “starter numbers” but now that he’s on the bench, his production value is starting to match up with his minutes played.

What You SeeWhat It Means
Chris Finch telling Kyle Lowry he fully plans to leave first chance he gets.This could be very, very wrong but I like to imagine Kyle Lowry is the type of guy you tell your secrets to.
Lowry looking surprised.Kyle is reacting appropriately as his expression is a mixture of being excited for his coach and worried that the offence may get a lot worse now that he’s gone.

I shared the same reaction as Lowry has in this photo when I found out Nick Nurse’s long time friend and former assistant coach Chris Finch took a new job as head coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves a few days ago.

Finch was only part of the organization for a few months but his contribution to the team’s offence was noticeable. With him being gone, I am curious to see how the team will play and who will be brought in to replace Finch, if anybody.

What You SeeWhat It Means
Baynes is stunnedI believe Yuta Watanabe made fun of Aron Baynes
Yuta smilingDefinitely looks like he made fun of Aron Baynes
Baynes hands on hipsSigns of contemplation and determination

I believe Yuta Watanabe made fun of Aron Baynes and that is why Baynes decided not to jump in front of Anthony Edwards, leaving Yuta alone to take the posterization.

It’s been a rough month for Baynes (judging by these photos) but he has seen an uptick in performance so hopefully for his sake that leads to fewer shots being fired by Yuta.

I want you., the reader, to get involved. If you have any photos you’d like for me to analyze next month, email me at hbmclarty@gmail.com or tweet me @HughMcLarty.

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