Reading The Raptors, Vol. 3 (Feb. 26th-Mar. 25th)

Well, it’s the 25th of March, which means two things: It’s the trade deadline… and time for another edition of Reading the Raptors.

We all know which one is more important.

For those of you who have questioned the validity of my readings, you clearly have not seen this video. It is worth noting that not one member of the Toronto Raptors organization has reached out to me to dispel any of my assessments so far. That should be all the information you need.

Two things you should know before reading though – I changed up the aesthetic a bit, and I will not be mentioning Aron Baynes at all, I have been too hard on him.

So… lets get started… Also thanks to the Raptors twitter account for the photos.

So this first photo seems pretty clear to me, but may not be to you. It is my prediction that Alex McKechnie, Vice President of Player Health and Performance for the Raptors, shown in the photo above is holding a list of things Norman Powell has owed him over the six years he has played in Toronto.

McKechnie is a smart guy, he knows Norm is about to cash in when he hits free agency this off season and wants to make sure Powell doesn’t get traded without knowing how much he owes him. Because he’s probably getting traded.

Norm’s expression here is tricky – I think it’s possible that he is surprised, as he thought this trainer was a real friend and didn’t keep track of the monetary value of their friendship.

Despite a win against the Denver Nuggets, the Raptors are still in shambles right now.

Fresh off of a nine-game losing streak, Pascal Siakam and Nick Nurse are fighting and this trade deadline is driving Raptors Twitter insane.

And now… could this photo indicate a mutiny?!

Clearly shown in the graphic above, are two (and a half) separate huddles. I know what you guys are going to say — “social distancing” or “this is normal Hugh, why would all of the coaches follow Nurse to the huddle” — I know.

But this feels different.

If I had to guess, the larger coaches huddle on the right is upset. They have no idea why Siakam was benched during the fourth quarter and some of his rotation choices have confused them. This is not the Nick Nurse that they coached with two years ago.

The smaller group right above them are just talking about how they forgot Matt Thomas was on the team. They too are still trying to figure out the head coaches defensive scheme.

This one is easy so I decided not to mark it up… taken in the middle of their losing streak Siakam is looking at Fred VanVleet and most likely trying to communicate.

“Dude… what are we going to do without Kyle?”

Another easy one, and an emotional one.

A faithful Raptors fan, showing love to the Greatest Raptor of All Time.

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