Reading the Raptors, Vol. 4 (Mar. 26th-Apr. 25th)

Welcome to the fourth edition of everyone’s favourite segment, Reading the Raptors, where I take my body language interpretation skills and put it to the test.

Some of you may be thinking “How has The Raptors Insider let Hugh get away with four of these things?!

I am right there with you.

But I will continue to do my duty, if that means bringing Raptors fans closer to the minds of their favourite players, especially now considering all that has happened this last month.

This is 100 percent accurate by the way.

The Beginning of the End for #24

It’s only been a month but the Raptors look quite different since Vol. 3. For starters, they got rid of fan favourite Norman Powell! So I did some digging to see if I could pinpoint the exact moment the Raptors organization decided they needed to trade him.

And it goes back further than you think.

Norman Powell’s future in Toronto ended the second he ignored this unknown man in a suit’s fist bump request.

My mom always told me I have a big imagination but there is definitely at least a chance that this man dedicated the next two years of his life to put himself in a position to have input on the future of Norman Powell.

Let this be a lesson to Raptors everywhere… don’t leave ANYONE hanging.

Somebody Call Maury

Ever since Yuta Watanabe became a Toronto Raptor, fans have had fun pointing out the similarities between him and the team’s General Manager, Bobby Webster.

I didn’t take the jokes that seriously and summed them up to a mere coincidence… until I saw this photo of Yuta signing his one way contract the other day.

I would like to note that this is purely speculative, as I do not want to get involved in family drama… but Bobby Webster could be a distant relative of Yuta Watanabe.

Hear me out!

As ridiculous as it might sound, it’s not impossible I’ll just say that.

I think they know about it too, but don’t want to let the jokes win.

Notice how Yuta is staring at Bobby – that’s not a “thank you for signing me” type of stare. That’s a “we can’t acknowledge this secret” type of look.

Bobby is clearly uncomfortable, he must feel that if he doesn’t look at Yuta the situation isn’t real. I also sense some regret from Bobby, as he realized they’ve gone too long without acknowledging it publicly and they’re in too deep.

Wait.. Are We Tanking?

At this point in the season, if there’s one thing Raptors players and their fans have in common it’s that neither of us know if Toronto is tanking or not…

Here you will see a confused Raptors bench with their hands raised over their head in an act of bewilderment.

After a team meeting where everyone agreed to tank (not 100 percent sure this meeting was real, I’m actually more sure there wasn’t any meeting) the team decided to go on a four-game winning streak.

It’s clear in this photo that “beating the Brooklyn Nets” was not in the game plan and the bench has reacted appropriately.

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