Social Media Had ALL the Reactions to the Raptors Picking Scottie Barnes

Photo Credit: Cole Burston/Getty Images

Well, this was fun.

The Raptors shook up the entire draft board when they took FSU forward Scottie Barnes with the fourth-overall pick in the 2021 NBA Draft. With Jalen Suggs on the board, it wound up turning the NBA world on its head.

Reactions to the pick were extremely varied – from shock, excitement, enthusiasm, disappointment, anger, confusion, and just about every other emotion one can possibly feel.

Scottie Barnes himself was incredibly fired up by the pick, and rightfully so; he reportedly aced his workouts and interviews with the teams

Others across Raptors Twitter questioned the pick, wondering why they didn’t go with the guard in Suggs when it felt like the obvious choice at the time.

Barnes certainly has the seal approval from Doctor Kyle Lowry himself. If you’re co-signed by the GROAT, it means you probably have a good chance to succeed.

Some Raptors fans are just more excited about Davion Mitchell and what the Kings have going on there.

Many are taking the approach that has been taken in the past, which is to trust in the Raptors’ development program and believe in the scouting of Masai Ujiri and Bobby Webster:

Needless to say, Raptors Twitter is just about everywhere with this pick. While the results of the pick will unfold in due time, Ujiri and Webster clearly believe in Barnes tremendously and believe he has the potential to be something special.

Until they start playing, Raptors Twitter is going to continue having some serious takes about the pick.

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