The Raptors Book Club: Nick Nurse’s “Rapture”

Now is as good a time as any to bust out my newest segment, “Raptors Book Club.” It’s pretty self explanatory – if a current Raptor has a book, I will read it.

Given that, as far as I know, Nick Nurse is the only current member of the organization with a book I figured we would start with his recent novel co-written by himself and Michael Sokolove — “Rapture”

Judging The Book By It’s Cover

Contrary to the popular saying, I judge every book I read by it’s cover and right off the bat, the title is a 10 out of 10.

Rapture: Fifteen teams, four countries, one NBA Championship, and how to find a win – damn near anywhere

I just call it “Rapture” because saying the rest is a mouthful… but reading the rest? That made me feel bad ass.

Flipping the book over, looking at the back and holy is this guy co-signed,

Steve Nash, Joe Maddon, Dabo Swinney and the Prime Minister of Canada himself, Justin Trudeau, all took the time out of their day to not only read the book, but endorse it.

To cap it all off, legendary Head Coach Phil Jackson has a foreword in the autobiography, so this is pretty much Nick Nurse wanting all of us to know that he has super famous and successful friends.

The Words Inside

This was quite the enjoyable read. Be prepared upon reading, if you are expecting him to go deep into his life in the NBA you’ll have to wait a while.

The first half of the book outlines Nurse’s journey to the NBA – with the best stories coming from his time when he was a player, coach, and then eventual owner of his team in England.

There were points of time in the book where it straight up felt like this was just a love letter to basketball written by Nick Nurse, with his “nerd” really showing.

If you want to learn about shot mechanics, the triangle offence, or his philosophy on “ZMT” (Zone, Man, Trap) this book has you covered. And I mean really has you covered.

Nurse does start to sound a bit, I don’t want to say annoying but I guess I’m going to say annoying.

You know when someone just tries really hard to sound profound? Well I definitely get those vibes in his book, when Nick Nurse claims his modern and innovative schemes are a credit to his “interest in human behaviour and psychology as it applies to basketball.”

Left Me Wanting More

Upon finishing the book, I would give it a steady 7.5 out of 10.

It was fun, entertaining, and Raptors fans got some solid tidbits about their favourite team.

We get to read about an entertaining mid-game argument between Nurse and Norman Powell, he calls Fred VanVleet “a Foot Locker employee” and he pretty much exposes OG Anunoby for being a snitch. If you are a Raptors fan, you will get your fix.

But I would be lying if I said there wasn’t more to be desired.

Very little was mentioned about his relationship with his former boss Dwayne Casey, which as we all know seemed to be somewhat contentious.

We don’t hear about the championship parade, the celebration – the free agency that sent Kawhi to the Clippers, all some pretty major events in Raptors history.

So it was a good first go around for Nick Nurse (and Michael Sokolove), but Raptors fans if you decide to read this – expect to learn more about who Nick Nurse is as a person, rather than the Head Coach of the Toronto Raptors.

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