Toronto Raptors Bay Street Journal: Am I A… Nerd?

With the Kyle Lowry “Trade Rumours”, and Master Tesfatsion calling all of us nerds, I don’t remember the last time that I was this stressed out.

I’d imagine most of the Raptors fan base is feeling my pain – so sit back, light a candle and join me for today’s edition of the Bay Street Journal.

Stock Up: Kyle Lowry

We haven’t seen a lot of Lowry lately due to injury – but in the two games he’s been back I have liked what I have seen.

The Raptors guard had 24 points and shot 9-for-13 from the field in their loss to Miami, then hit Houston with a casual 20 point, 11 rebound and 10 assist triple-double in their win Friday night.

He also swore so that was pretty cool.

But, even if Lowry shot terribly in both those games, and he didn’t have a potty mouth, his stock would still be rising simply for this one quote made by his agent.

His agent went on to say that Lowry’s “focus is on helping them climb the standings in the East.” So all Raptors fans can collectively breathe a sigh of relief.

It would be a shame to see the greatest Raptor of all time’s last game as a Raptor be in Tampa Bay.

Stock Down: Nerds? I guess?

For those of you who aren’t in the loop, check out this video posted by the Bleacher Report Twitter account.

To summarize, Master Tesfatsion of Bleacher Report says, if you pay attention to basketball analytics you are a nerd.

Which is ridiculous.

Who’s stopping me from mentioning that, yeah Anthony Edwards had a cool dunk (he stepped on the line) but he is shooting oh so poorly to start his NBA career?

Absolutely nobody.

I still have fun watching DeMar DeRozan knock down his mid range jumpers even though I know it is literally the most in-efficient shot in basketball. That is literally a fact.

The people who are “ruining basketball” are the ones who don’t let people enjoy the game the way they want to enjoy it.

Futures Option: Nerds

As you can tell I am not going to let this one go, nerds are the future of sports.

We have seen it change the game of basketball right in front of us. Before Steph Curry showed us that you can actually win by shooting 3’s, no one did it. Thanks to analytics, and Steph Curry, the NBA has shifted into a higher scoring more exciting brand of basketball. That’s because of nerds!

Go watch “Moneyball” starring Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill, and tell me analytics isn’t good for sports.

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