Why Bradshaw wants you to cheer for the Milwaukee Bucks too

Well, I can’t say I ever thought I’d be able to write this! 

Let me get a disclaimer out of the way: 

This is definitely not something I expect to be taken seriously, nor should anyone take this seriously. I’m doing this purely as a bit and my bosses aren’t even 100% on board with this.

But hey, let’s have some fun!

Earlier this week we wrote a quick guide on who to cheer for and who NOT to cheer for as Raptors fans are in unprecedented territory after having their seven-year playoff streak snapped. However, I thought one team deserved to have the case be made for why you should cheer for them. 

The Milwaukee Bucks! 

Whoa, whoa, whoa! It’s ok, it’s ok! This is weird for me too.

We may have had our disagreements in the past.

Sure, Bango made some jokes back in 2017 and they played the Barney theme song during your introductions, but you got your shots in with every. Single. Giannis. Photoshop.

(Oh and two playoff series victories where nothing notable happened.)

I’m willing to look past all that and you should too!

This may be a tough sell but if I can convince even one person (I won’t), it’s a win!

Cream City

How can you not cheer for a team that is so blissfully unaware, they wore these for a whole season?

Even as someone who knows the history as to why they’re called Cream City, it’s still very funny that they put it on a jersey. 

Jrue Holiday

Ok this is kind of a more serious reason, but how can you not cheer for Jrue Holiday? 

He seems beloved by fans, media, and players. He’s regarded as one of the best defenders in the NBA and he does stuff like this on offence: 

Against Marcus Smart, no less! This should be more than enough.

Plus, as fans of a defensive-oriented team with plenty of good defenders, you can appreciate a good defensive mindset like this!

I recommend this whole pod, absolutely listen to it.

I could go on for ages about Jrue and honestly that should be enough, but we’ll keep going!

Wholesome Moments

Sure, every team (for the most part) has fun together and all get along, but look how fun!

What a likeable bunch of humans and we’re just scratching the surface!

Brotherly Love

One of the most fun parts of any Bucks game is Thanasis Antetokounmpo’s reactions to his brother and vice versa. How can you not want to cheer for someone like Thanasis? Hustles every time he’s on the court, full of energy, and he channeled his inner-Kyle Lowry with this spectacular flop.

My favourite part about this was that Mike Budenholzer subbed him in for this inbound play, he got the offensive foul, and they subbed him back out. You gotta love it!

Anyway, here are some fun Antetokounmpo reactions.

You know the saying “they would be a lot easier to cheer for if they were on my team?” Well, this is your chance!

PJ Bucker

You can even cheer for a former Raptors draft pick!

And despite having played in Toronto, he still isn’t quite used to the cold weather. He’s getting there though.

And he’s here to help fill the void of not having Gary Trent Jr. pre-game fits.

If You Can’t Sign ‘Em, Join ‘Em

Ah yes, the reigning back-to-back MVP.

Despite what a certain podcast co-host believes, Giannis Antetokounmpo is a wholesome man who loves basketball, his family, and food.

As much as you wanted him to leave, now is your chance to experience cheering for Giannis! I must say, having been able to do that for his whole career, I highly recommend it. Basketball is more fun supporting Giannis.

This is Probably Enough

By this point, I’ve either sold you or you stopped reading a while ago and will never consider cheering for the Bucks again.

I could go on and on about how Budenholzer is the goofiest-looking, most meme-able coach in the NBA, how Brook Lopez is a seven-foot goofball, or that Khris Middleton is deciding to poster people now.

I’m not expecting big Jurassic Park watch parties for the Bucks (I mean… Unless that’s what you want?) but maybe a little support?

After all, They’re (also) the North.

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